The Ministry of Education, UAE is the organizer of the 34th IBO.

The Scientific Committee

The host University UAEU forms the important fulcrum to the scientific committee with Professors, Laboratory & Masters/PhD students shaping the IBO tasks in close co-ordination with ACE committee, which is an international group of advisors that worked hand-in-hand for the construction of the IBO tests, the design of the proposed tasks and how each question is to be evaluated (marking procedure). All the experts in the group are familiar with the IBO, and are specialists in Biology, secondary school biology, and assessment and evaluation.

The Organizing Committee

We have the following four major verticals under the organizing committee.

  • Logistics: (Invitation Letters, Airport logistics, Excursions)
  • Events: (Opening & Closing Ceremony, Jury Meetings, Cultural Evening)
  • HR: (Volunteers, Guides, Jury Room Assistants, Organizing Team)
  • Media: (Photography, Videography, Website, Social Media, Circulars, Newsletters)

Sub-Jury Meeting

We are delighted to welcome our esteemed IBO Jury Members to be part of the Sub-Jury meeting that will be held during the period 29 June – 2 July 2023. Our Sub-Jury will review the practical and theoretical examinations prior to the IBO Competition in strict confidentiality and it will work very closely with the scientific committee of UAE on this task. Those who are interested are requested to write to us @ expressing their interest.

Closing Ceremony - 34th IBO 2023 UAE

Opening Ceremony - 34th IBO 2023 UAE