The IBO brings together the most gifted Biology Talents from around the world.

IBO Mission & Goals

As the premier high school biology student competition worldwide, we aim to identify, inspire, empower and support the next generation of leaders in the life sciences and to develop their international network.


To value curiosity and to empower young biologists to develop their interest in life sciences.


To shape an international network of biology talents and future life science leaders.


To identify highly gifted biology students and to stimulate their talents further.


To encourage cross-cultural dialogue by bringing together biology students from around the world.


To set new standards in the education and assessment of highly gifted biology students.

IBO Alumni

Keep in touch with participants from around the world and discover excellent research projects by joining the worldwide IBO Alumni network.

IBO’s alumni are currently organized on a separate website, organized by our esteemed colleague Junichi Saito / NBO Japan.

Please use the link below to reach the alumni website.

Discover leading scientists who endorse IBO

Prof. Yoshinori Ohsumi

(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

The Nobel Prize for Physiology / Medicine, 2016

Sir Paul Nurse

FRS, Director
(The Francis Crick Institute)

The Nobel Prize for Physiology / Medicine, 2001

More than 70 Countries

Discover our members

The winners of National Biology Olympiads from more than 70 countries & regions worldwide participate annually in IBO.

Closing Ceremony - 34th IBO 2023 UAE

Opening Ceremony - 34th IBO 2023 UAE