Are you an existing contestant or national level trainer? If you need past papers of IBO for training and reference purposes, please see below for download links.

Please be advised that the papers of the most recent 2 years are subject to a “black-out period” and are not available.

Kindly note that all the papers carry a password, which can be obtained from your national coordinator for Biology Olympiad.

IBO 2020_Theory Exam 2.pdf

[PDF, 9.2 MB]

IBO 2020_Theory Exam 2 - Answer key.pdf

[PDF, 759.3 KB]

IBO 2020_Theory Exam 1.pdf

[PDF, 3.5 MB]

IBO 2020_Theory Exam 1 - Answer key.pdf

[PDF, 420.4 KB]

IBO 2020_Practical 2 Exam (Bioinformatics).pdf

[PDF, 712.0 KB]

IBO 2020_Practical 2 Exam (Bioinformatics) - Allocation point.pdf

[PDF, 38.0 KB]

IBO 2020_Practical 1 Exam (Animal Physiology).pdf

[PDF, 3.3 MB]

IBO 2020_Practical 1 Exam (Animal Physiology) - Answer key.pdf

[PDF, 662.8 KB]

IBO 2019_Theory Exam B.pdf

[PDF, 6.7 MB]

IBO 2019_Theory Exam A.pdf

[PDF, 4.5 MB]

IBO 2019_Practicals 1-4.pdf

[PDF, 3.1 MB]

IBO 2019_Answer keys for Practicals and Theoretical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 3.3 MB]

IBO 2018_Theoretical exams 1 and 2_Answer key.pdf

[PDF, 177.4 KB]

IBO 2018_Pratical Exam_Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour.pdf

[PDF, 548.9 KB]

IBO 2018_Practical Exam_Plant Systematics, Anatomy and Physiology.pdf

[PDF, 828.5 KB]

IBO 2018_Practical Exam_Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.pdf

[PDF, 643.7 KB]

IBO 2018_Practical Exam_Animal Systematics, Anatomy and Physiology.pdf

[PDF, 1.7 MB]

IBO 2018 Theoretical exam 2.pdf

[PDF, 2.0 MB]

IBO 2018 Theoretical exam 1.pdf

[PDF, 1.5 MB]

IBO 2017_Theoretical Exam B_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 4.8 MB]

IBO 2017_Theoretical Exam B.pdf

[PDF, 4.8 MB]

IBO 2017_Theoretical Exam A_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 4.3 MB]

IBO 2017_Theoretical Exam A.pdf

[PDF, 4.3 MB]

IBO 2017_Practical Exam 3_Developmental Physiology.pdf

[PDF, 2.6 MB]

IBO 2017_Practical Exam 3_Developmental Physiology Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 3.0 MB]

IBO 2017_Practical Exam 2_Biochemistry.pdf

[PDF, 430.5 KB]

IBO 2017_Practical Exam 2_Biochemistry Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 1.4 MB]

IBO 2017_Practical Exam 1_Botany.pdf

[PDF, 2.1 MB]

IBO 2017_Practical Exam 1_Botany Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 673.4 KB]

IBO 2016_Theoretical Exam B_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 8.3 MB]

IBO 2016_Theoretical Exam B.pdf

[PDF, 2.8 MB]

IBO 2016_Theoretical Exam A_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 16.4 MB]

IBO 2016_Theoretical Exam A.pdf

[PDF, 3.1 MB]

IBO 2016_Practical Exam 4_Molecular Biology.pdf

[PDF, 693.4 KB]

IBO 2016_Practical Exam 3_Biochemistry and Microbiology.pdf

[PDF, 925.7 KB]

IBO 2016_Practical Exam 2_Animal Systematics and Anatomy.pdf

[PDF, 990.5 KB]

IBO 2016_Practical Exam 1_Plant Anatomy and Physiology.pdf

[PDF, 607.8 KB]

IBO 2015_Theoretical Exams_Solutions key.pdf

[PDF, 382.4 KB]

IBO 2015_Theoretical Exam B_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 11.0 MB]

IBO 2015_Theoretical Exam B.pdf

[PDF, 9.4 MB]

IBO 2015_Theoretical Exam A_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 13.6 MB]

IBO 2015_Theoretical Exam A.pdf

[PDF, 10.7 MB]

IBO 2015_Practical Exam 4_Biochemistry.pdf

[PDF, 3.8 MB]

IBO 2015_Practical Exam 3_Animal Biology.pdf

[PDF, 1.7 MB]

IBO 2015_Practical Exam 2_Molecular Biology.pdf

[PDF, 3.4 MB]

IBO 2015_Practical Exam 1_Plant Anatomy Biosystematics Evolution.pdf

[PDF, 2.2 MB]

IBO 2014_Theoretical Exams_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 281.4 KB]

IBO 2014_Theoretical Exam B.pdf

[PDF, 5.0 MB]

IBO 2014_Theoretical Exam A.pdf

[PDF, 4.4 MB]

IBO 2014_Practical Exams_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 1.6 MB]

IBO 2014_Practical Exams 1-4.pdf

[PDF, 1.9 MB]

IBO 2013_Theoretical Exam 2.pdf

[PDF, 9.3 MB]

IBO 2013_Theoretical Exam 1.pdf

[PDF, 2.8 MB]

IBO 2013_Practical Exams 1-4.pdf

[PDF, 3.4 MB]

IBO 2012_Theoretical Exams_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 619.1 KB]

IBO 2012_Theoretical Exam B.pdf

[PDF, 2.1 MB]

IBO 2012_Theoretical Exam A.pdf

[PDF, 2.1 MB]

IBO 2012_Practical Exams_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 1.7 MB]

IBO 2012_Practical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 1.3 MB]

IBO 2011_Theoretical Exams_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 856.3 KB]

IBO 2011_Theoretical Exam B.pdf

[PDF, 1.7 MB]

IBO 2011_Theoretical Exam A.pdf

[PDF, 1.2 MB]

IBO 2011_Practical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 4.7 MB]

IBO 2010_Theoretical Exam B_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 609.0 KB]

IBO 2010_Theoretical Exam B.pdf

[PDF, 3.1 MB]

IBO 2010_Theoretical Exam A_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 248.9 KB]

IBO 2010_Theoretical Exam A.pdf

[PDF, 2.6 MB]

IBO 2010 _Practical Exams_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 3.2 MB]

IBO 2009_Theoretical Exams_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 360.7 KB]

IBO 2009_Theoretical Exam B.pdf

[PDF, 711.7 KB]

IBO 2009_Theoretical Exam A.pdf

[PDF, 1.2 MB]

IBO 2009_Practical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 2.8 MB]

IBO 2008_Theoretical Exam B_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 4.3 MB]

IBO 2008_Theoretical Exam B.pdf

[PDF, 1.4 MB]

IBO 2008_Theoretical Exam A_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 219.1 KB]

IBO 2008_Theoretical Exam A.pdf

[PDF, 893.6 KB]

IBO 2008_Practical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 1.5 MB]

IBO 2007_Theoretical Exams_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 11.2 MB]

IBO 2007_Theoretical and Practical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 7.5 MB]

IBO 2006_Theoretical Exam B_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 459.4 KB]

IBO 2006_Theoretical Exam B.pdf

[PDF, 1.1 MB]

IBO 2006_Theoretical Exam A_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 254.7 KB]

IBO 2006_Theoretical Exam A.pdf

[PDF, 1.1 MB]

IBO 2006_Practical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 1.6 MB]

IBO 2005_Theoretical Exams_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 222.3 KB]

IBO 2005_Theoretical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 1.7 MB]

IBO 2005_Practical Exams_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 217.3 KB]

IBO 2005_Practical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 672.5 KB]

IBO 2004_Theoretical Exam B_ Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 203.5 KB]

IBO 2004_Theoretical Exam B.pdf

[PDF, 2.6 MB]

IBO 2004_Theoretical Exam A_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 205.4 KB]

IBO 2004_Theoretical Exam A.pdf

[PDF, 3.2 MB]

IBO 2004_Practical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 2.3 MB]

IBO 2003_Theory B solutions.pdf

[PDF, 10.9 MB]

IBO 2003_Theory A solutions.pdf

[PDF, 61.6 KB]

IBO 2003_Theoretical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 1.5 MB]

IBO 2003_Practicals solutions.pdf

[PDF, 9.4 MB]

IBO 2003_Practical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 2.3 MB]

IBO 2002_Theoretical Exam B.pdf

[PDF, 1.5 MB]

IBO 2002_Theoretical Exam A.pdf

[PDF, 815.3 KB]

IBO 2002_Practical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 830.9 KB]

IBO 2001_Theoretical Exam B.pdf

[PDF, 2.3 MB]

IBO 2001_Theoretical Exam A.pdf

[PDF, 2.4 MB]

IBO 2001_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 231.9 KB]

IBO 2001_Practical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 2.3 MB]

IBO 2000_Theoretical Exam B.pdf

[PDF, 614.5 KB]

IBO 2000_Theoretical Exam A.pdf

[PDF, 549.0 KB]

IBO 1999_Theoretical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 7.9 MB]

IBO 1999_Practical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 4.8 MB]

IBO1998_Practial and Theoretical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 3.5 MB]

IBO 1997_Theoretical Exam A.pdf

[PDF, 315.1 KB]

IBO 1997_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 2.7 MB]

IBO 1997_Practical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 329.7 KB]

IBO 1996_Theoretical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 718.0 KB]

IBO 1996_Practical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 3.5 MB]

IBO 1995_Theoretical Exams_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 538.9 KB]

IBO 1995_Theoretical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 1.1 MB]

IBO 1995_Practical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 2.7 MB]

IBO 1994_Theoretical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 690.0 KB]

IBO 1994_Practical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 3.1 MB]

IBO 1993_Theoretical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 2.7 MB]

IBO 1993_Practical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 1.2 MB]

IBO 1992_Practical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 654.8 KB]

IBO 1991_Theoretical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 620.1 KB]

IBO 1990_Theoretical Exams_Solutions.pdf

[PDF, 376.8 KB]

IBO 1990_Theoretical Exams.pdf

[PDF, 787.9 KB]

Closing Ceremony - 34th IBO 2023 UAE

Opening Ceremony - 34th IBO 2023 UAE