Al Ain translates to ‘The Spring’ in English. Al Ain is a city east of the city of Abu Dhabi and borders the country of Oman. Al Ain is known for its sprawling oasis which is watered via an ancient irrigation system called falaj. The system still runs to this day. Jebel Hafit, Abu Dhabi’s tallest peak is also in Al Ain. It has a vibrant cultural scene and is much quieter than the bustling streets of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Drive 90-minutes from Dubai airport and you’ll discover Al Ain, a garden city, one of the world’s oldest permanently inhabited settlements and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Don’t forget your phone when visiting this green region because it’s filled with visual gems and characterful sights perfect for photos.

In Al Ain city, you’re surrounded by lush and ancient oases interlinked with shaded pathways to stroll along. You can wander through historical forts and archaeological parks where you can discover ancient artefacts. If you have an appetite for culture, you’ll be amazed by the old-world palaces dotted across the area. There’s even a charming camel market and vibrant souks (markets) selling authentic Emirati crafts, spices, carpets, perfumes and more.
Some of the top attractions in Al Ain include, Jebal Hafit (Mountain), Al Jahili Fort (18th Century), Al Ain Oasis (UNESCO Heritage Site), Qasr Al Muwaiji Fort and Al Ain Zoo.

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