Port of arrival for IBO-2023 will be Dubai.

Emirates airlines is the world’s largest international airline, flying to 158 destinations in 85 countries. Dubai is an easily accessible destination, within an eight-hour flight of two-thirds of the world’s population.

Airports you can arrive at:

Dubai has two international airports (Airport Code: DXB, DWC). You can arrive in any Dubai airport. DXB airport has three terminals (T1, T2 and T3), and kindly mention the terminal at the time of filling up form.


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Inter Emirates

Getting Around in United Arab Emirates

Getting around the UAE is easy with a pretty good network of roads. One can find a cab easily to travel between the emirates. There are also other options for transportation including metro, monorail, bus, plane and ferry service. One can also hire a car in order to have a smooth and convenient trip. 

Public buses
Air-conditioned buses connect most areas within each emirate and inter-emirates. They operate according to schedule.
Public buses are operated by: Refer to the respective entity for schedules and fares.
In some emirates, special cards are used for payment. They are:
For more information, refer to the following links:
Taxis can be hailed from the roadside or can be booked in advance. There are special taxis for women and children, families and for people of determination.

To book a taxi in:

Booking charges apply and differ from emirate to emirate, type of taxi booked and time of the day.

Getting Around in Dubai

The Dubai metro is the world’s longest driver-less and fully automated metro rail network with a length of 74.6 km. It runs along red and green lines. It stops at 49 stations of which 9 are underground. Every station has bus connections, taxi stops, bicycle stands, in addition to electric escalators and lifts.
All stations and trains are provided with air-conditioning and Wi-Fi connectivity. One compartment is reserved for women and children and one for Gold class ticket holders.
To travel on the metro, you need to buy a Nol card or ticket.

Dubai Tram is considered as the first type of tram service outside Europe that works on underground power supply. Dubai tram network covers a distance of 10.6 km with 11 stations. Dubai Tram is provided with air-conditioning and Wi-Fi connectivity. Each tram consists of seven cabins distributed amongst gold and silver class. One silver class cabin compartment is reserved for women and children.

To travel on the tram, you need to buy a Nol card or ticket.

Source: Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai

Closing Ceremony - 34th IBO 2023 UAE

Opening Ceremony - 34th IBO 2023 UAE